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This Video Library will be used for an Idaho Emergency Medical Technician Basic (EMT-B)Course

Integrating The Internet Lesson Plan

Idaho/National Emergency Medical Standards (2011)

Lesson Plan - Airway & Respiration

PowerPoint - Airway & Respiration




Vital Signs and Sample History

This video will be used as scaffolding to demonstrate the steps of obtaining patient information

Altered Mental Status - Concussion

The first person account triggers interest in a critical topic - this video will be used in ongoing training

ChildBirth Animation

This is a difficult concept for EMT's to learn; most have not witnessed a childbirth. The video is used to elicit discussion and critical thinking.

A&E Real Trauma

Often learners get bored with only text and presentations. A&E offers learners a preview of real life action

Digestive System

This animation is used as a summative video to tie together two learning modules

Human Respiration

Students with a visual learning style find this simple video a comprehensive overview or summary of the Airway module

Traction Splinting - Femur

This video will reinforce learning before or after practicing with both types of traction splint.

Circulatory System Rap

Selected especially for those who learn best with music, but also with the intent of memorization

Cardiology - Marian Diamond (Berkeley)

Highly recommended follow-up to a course lecture. Dr. Diamond explains her subject with clarity and depth.

Trauma Assessment

The slight humor at the beginning of the video set EMT testing candidates at ease prior to taking the practical exam



What You Need to be Successful

  • Materials - Computer - PC or Mac with multimedia capabilities, headphones, printer.
  • Software - Presentation, Word Processing, and Spreadsheet (can be open source).
  • Time Management - Deadlines approach quickly - don't wait until the last minute to get the job done!




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Stefanie Brimacomb is an NREMT I-85, Idaho Advanced EMT serving on Riggins City Ambulance. Mrs. Brimacomb has served on the ambulance since 2003, and has been the training coordinator since 2006.

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